Concrete Pour # 7.

This is the final concrete pour for the Town Hall! These two slabs are located at the entry points of the building and will be located under the overhang.

Enjoy these few pictures of the preparation and pour! Finished photos to come soon!


After installing all 43 trusses we tied them together with continuous 1x1 steel purlins. The purlins will be the point of fastening for the corrugated galvalume roofing.

They extend 4’ past each end wall to create an overhang on both the short facades of the building.

Check out those shadows created by the trusses and purlins! We’re a little sad that they have to be covered up.

More Truss Pictures!

This week we will be installing the roofing material, watch out!

Thanks to Mackenzie for taking these pictures.


Window Fabrication.

There are many great opportunities at Rural Studio. Recently, we had an opportunity to work with Lauren Danley, a steel fabricator, on the fabrication and assembly of our windows. The windows are made of steel angle frames (frame within a frame within a frame within a frame, that’s four frames total) that will hang on the timber walls like picture frames.

Lauren, based in Charlottesville, Va, owns Metal Inc. and does custom design projects where she collaborates with architects and designers. She donated her time and came to Hale County, where she set up a temporary fabrication shop in the abandoned Newbern Elementary School Building.

Check out her work, and look at the amazing results of our collaboration.

Truss Fabrication.

The building is designed as a well insulated wooden box with a light umbrella(esque) roof protecting the wooden box.

The trusses are a king post truss style made of 1 1/2” square steel tubing. The building will have an overhang of 6’.

The trusses will be 2’ o.c. resulting in 43 total trusses.

Special thanks to Jim Turnipseed for allowing us to use his fabrication shop in Columbiana, AL.

Walls are F-I-N-I-S-H-E-D!

The walls are stacked. 16 rows of timbers later, it’s time to begin truss construction.

We are all officially much buffer, who needs a gym? Not us!

Beam Construction.

The beam creates the opening in the community room and has a 28’ span.

We built falsework to support the beam during construction.

Glue is applied between each row and the beam has a 3/4” continuous rod that will hold the beam together.

To prevent the beam from settling or sagging once the roof load is applied, we cambered the beam 1 1/2”.

It’s a beautiful thing.

Stack the Sticks.

We spent the summer stacking the walls. It has been really nice to see the building and its spaces take shape.

Like a 3d model, the building was literally extruded, only with a little more effort and labor involved!

Cutting, Sanding, Routing, Sealing. Repeat 535 times.

The timbers were delivered in a rough cut form. We were responsible for cutting them to the correct length, squaring the ends, and routing the spaces for the plywood spine (top, bottom, and ends of the timber).

There are 535 timbers, we quickly developed an assembly line for the production.